Instructions for Authors

PAPRSS does not accept “submissions” in the way that traditional journals do. As an author you may request a review of a manuscript to be posted on the site. Whether a review actually appears depends on the availability of a volunteer to write. Once a volunteer posts an initial review, others may add commentary. Neither the volunteer reviewer nor the commenters may post anonymously, and all who post must declare personal or professional conflicts of interest.

Your manuscript must be publicly available on the internet, with no paywall. Follow the “Request a Review” link from the top menu on the site, and fill out the form. You will be required to declare professional conflicts of interest, including but not limited to sources of funding for your research.

Once your manuscript is reviewed, you may respond by commenting on the review blog post. Your comment can call out any revisions made to the manuscript, or respond to any comments made by the volunteer reviewer or commenters.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication at a traditional journal, and as a condition for acceptance you are required to remove the link to your manuscript, please add a comment to the thread on your post indicating that the link is no longer active, and pointing readers to your manuscript’s “final” home!

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