Instructions for Reviewers

If you are a member of the pool of volunteer reviewers in a subject area, a content area manager may contact you for assistance in writing a 500-1000 word essay about a new unpublished manuscript.

Your essay may follow the form of a traditional referee report, with attention to the following points:

  • Summary of the manuscript. In your own words, what is this manuscript’s key contribution?
  • Areas for improvement. What might you suggest the authors revise to make the manuscript more persuasive?
  • Limitations. Are there weaknesses or shortcomings of the manuscript that the authors have little choice but accept? Every manuscript has limitations; your comments here should accentuate the positive as they point toward questions that remain for future literature to address.
  • Summary. PAPRSS is not a journal and does not make publication decisions. In lieu of an editorial recommendation, your summary should describe the ideal audience for the paper. Is this a seminal work that all readers in a discipline should be familiar with? Is it important within a field? Is it a topic of more specialized interest? The tags <general> <field> <specialized> are available to help users of the site identify works by their degree of recommendation.

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