Review: “Human Capital vs. Signaling is Empirically Unresolvable” by Nick Huntington-Klein (CSU Fullerton, August 2018)

Read the working paper here. Contact Nick Huntington-Klein here. Is education a process by which individuals acquire useful skills, or one whereby individuals who already possess skills set themselves apart from others? In theory, the distinction between these two visions of the education process carry radically different implications for whether education is an enterprise worthy […]

Instructions for Reviewers

If you are a member of the pool of volunteer reviewers in a subject area, a content area manager may contact you for assistance in writing a 500-1000 word essay about a new unpublished manuscript. Your essay may follow the form of a traditional referee report, with attention to the following points: Summary of the […]

Instructions for Authors

PAPRSS does not accept “submissions” in the way that traditional journals do. As an author you may request a review of a manuscript to be posted on the site. Whether a review actually appears depends on the availability of a volunteer to write. Once a volunteer posts an initial review, others may add commentary. Neither […]


Public Access Peer Reviews for the Social Sciences is a forum for the discussion and improvement of unpublished manuscripts. In each of the social science disciplines, acceptance for publication by a traditional journal is the final step in a long journey. Acceptance occurs at the conclusion of a process that can take years and that […]