Instructions for Reviewers

If you are a member of the pool of volunteer reviewers in a subject area, a content area manager may contact you for assistance in writing a 500-1000 word essay about a new unpublished manuscript. Your essay may follow the form of a traditional referee report, with attention to the following points: Summary of the […]

Instructions for Authors

PAPRSS does not accept “submissions” in the way that traditional journals do. As an author you may request a review of a manuscript to be posted on the site. Whether a review actually appears depends on the availability of a volunteer to write. Once a volunteer posts an initial review, others may add commentary. Neither […]


Public Access Peer Reviews for the Social Sciences is a forum for the discussion and improvement of unpublished manuscripts. In each of the social science disciplines, acceptance for publication by a traditional journal is the final step in a long journey. Acceptance occurs at the conclusion of a process that can take years and that […]