Volunteer Your Services

At present PAPRSS is seeking assistance from senior scholars in all subfields of the social sciences to review manuscripts. Please describe the domains in which you are competent to write reviews, and the number of reviews you’d be willing to author each calendar year. Note that reviewers will generally be asked to prepare a 500-1000 word essay on a submitted manuscript in approximately one week. Reviewers will also be expected to contribute conflict-of-interest declarations for posting alongside each review submitted.

As a volunteer, you incur no obligation up front. If a request for review arrives in your subject area, you may be asked whether you are available to write a review with short turn around. You are free to decline if the timing is not right or the manuscript not a great match for your expertise.

PAPRSS is also seeking volunteers to serve on a governing body for the site. It is anticipated that the governing body would convene by conference call once or twice per year to discuss the general operation of the site. The governing body would also render judgment in scenarios where a reviewer has posted without disclosing a conflict-of-interest.

Finally, PAPRSS is also seeking content area managers with responsibility for assigning manuscripts to reviewers and moderating comments submitted on the site.